Very happy to announce the 2018 Digital Marketing Accelerator. New technologies pave the way for new approaches and engagement with new players, so now more than ever is a good time to explore your 2018 planning and see where new opportunities lie.

The past 2 years’ accelerators were fully subscribed, and the expectation is that this year will be as well.

What Is The Digital Marketing Accelerator?
Companies of nearly all types in the $2MM – $40MM range often regard themselves as being at the short end of the technology benefit curve. While there are all kinds of tools are available that facilitate effective digital marketing and commerce, often the financial and human resource needed to get maximum ROI from them is a challenge, leaving management to weigh a hefty investment against lost potential.

The Digital Marketing Accelerator is a hands-on consulting service designed to help companies in this important, transitional size range identify the right ways to grow their revenues in a business landscape that – one way or another – is driven by mobile digital technologies and approaches. We don’t waste time on bright shiny objects. We work with you and your teams to identify and elevate strategies that enable companies to punch above their weight, and the tactics that empower teams to get the job done.

  • Approaches that are right-sized to the company
    • $2-$11M
    • $11-$21M
    • $21-$40M
  • Designed to support various stakeholders in the business
    • Founder / President
    • Investor
    • Lender
    • Senior leadership
  • Delivered as desired
    • Day-long workshop
    • Webinar
    • Playbook
  • Follow-up
    • Consultation types and cadence designed to suit the company
    • Score-carding
    • Check and adjust programming

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