My Google+ invite came from one of my way-cooler-and-more-connected work mates. I opened my own account. Looks like Facebook. I really don’t use Facebook. Why do I need this?

To satiate my boundless curiosity about everything (yes, I really mean that) I watch Twitter and various RSS feeds. Over the years I have cultivated a set of several hundred folks that I follow for various different fixes.

But still, it’s not enough.

Facebook is not my thing, much the same as high-school reunions hold absolutely no appeal for me. LinkedIn is great as well, but it doesn’t lend itself to immediacy of interaction. And that’s OK, I think it’s perfect for what it is. The rest of my social media tools (they’re tools to make me feel like I’m not wasting time using them) are for social-only purposes.

But then it hit me like (insert heavyweight cliche here): what Google+ can do (if you curate it properly) is provide that “Twitter-Meets-Facebook-And-YouTube” point of contact into the world of the cool kids. It’s a fast, flexible, and multi-media way to be connected. I have been able to add some very desirable early-adopters to specially created circles, and get that blend of the personal and professional. Imagine if you were at a Mashable editorial meeting: You’d know everything about what’s printable and not-quite-print-worthy hours before everyone else. And you’d be able to directly comment.

But that’s not all. There are “hang-outs” where you can use your webcam and link up with others to just…hang out. As time progresses, more will no doubt be added to this.

Unlike some of Google’s other forays into non-search activities, this seems not to be destined for the “Huh? What’s this?” bin. As a matter of fact, Google+ has hit 10 million users in what seems to be record time. It’s a well-designed, well-considered, high-value application, and I’m having a great time exploring and discovering with it.

Drop in and add me.