There’s an underwire joke here somewhere.

Believe it, kids. Your missus can show her true commitment to your happiness by investing in branded EPL football club lingerie.

On the train this morning I sat uncomfortably close to a mother and her young daughter – probably 5 or 6 – as they loudly debated what the girl’s halloween costume was going to be this year. Predictably (having once been there myself) the girl wanted some form of a Disney Princess costume. The mother was not having it, saying repeatedly that she would make her daughter look like a princess but that she was not going to spend money on Disney licensed stuff.

“A” princess was not good enough for the girl, she wanted to be “THE” princess. Being “A” princess was going to have to be good enough according to Mom, because that’s all she was going to get.

You can stick a logo on anything, and it magically enhances the value of the underlying item. Usually that same logo merely adds to the price without really impacting the item’s utility. See for yourself…