It’s one thing to have a conversation at the coffee machine. It’s something else entirely when the coffee machine actually solicits your input. (No, I am not off my meds.)

The Starbucks* branded fresh-brew coffee machine is, understandably, quite popular in my office. It’s pretty cool: it fresh-brews a single cup of coffee from 2 different selections of beans (or you can combine them). It can handle 4 different cup sizes (stop it). It provides hot water for tea-drinkers.

It even makes cocoa!

I was really impressed, however, when the coffee machine solicited my feedback earlier today. The image above is not well-focused but it depicts the small LED display on the machine alternating between 2 panels:

Share your thoughts with Starbucks

I’m pretty sure this thing isn’t jacked into our network with a Cat-6 cable, so I wonder what their conversion rate is on this little foray into user-generated content…

* – Starbucks is a well-loved client of my employer, but that really doesn’t have much to do with anything.