happiness-1Happiness with mobile e-commerce means thinking differently to win at the digital shelf. Here are three quick thought-starters to frame discussion and create movement.

Cheap-Cheap » Cheap-Fast » Fast-Easy » Easy-Better
The process to get a consumer to change behavior prioritizes price over ease because a consumer who has never tried e-commerce over mobile doesn’t view it as “easy.”

Once in the system, move the consumer from price to immediacy, then very quickly from immediacy to ease. Start on the front end with innovative payment options as well as the back end with advanced fulfillment options (UPS drop-box, in-store pick-up, etc.).

The next move is to offer a more custom / premium version for a higher price. This will help financial performance because of higher margins while further burnishing the brand as being responsive and complete.

With CRM as the driver, the brand gains a more complete picture of high-value consumers vs. those who only respond to discount propositions.

Category Mastery » Consumer Mastery
People don’t just search they research. That’s why the fuel that powers the brand’s relationship with retailers is digital category mastery. More than a good product detail page, digital category mastery means building the story of the category in a way that’s relevant to a mobile user.

The result of digital category mastery is consumer mastery, because when you present the “why” and the “what” in a way a mobile user can easily digest, and they will seek out the “how.” Working from a category level opens doors to building larger baskets. It’s a rising tide that lifts all boats: the retailers’, all participants in the category, and especially the consumers’.

Mobile technologies challenge consumer loyalty, but with digital category mastery you will engender at least enough to make that sale. And probably another through a referral.

Delivering Mobile » Delivering Happiness
Digital merchandising is the critical capability for a brand to deliver. Consumers want to be respected for their time and effort, and delivering merchandising that delivers on mobile is nothing less than a sincere sign of respect.

It sounds hyperbolic but it really is not too much to say that at no other time have practically all consumers carried a virtually identical communications and analysis tool on their bodies practically all the time. Smartphones are each of our most used tools / trusted appliances / best friends. They are not conduits to be abused by brands and retailers, but they are what consumers use first to get what they want. Being respectful and mindful of that reaps untold benefits.

To this day most brands and retailer don’t see mobile for what it truly is: the newest form of the digital shelf. Adopting that view, and adapting the delivery of information and features accordingly, is how to win the digital shelf today and moving forward.