Like all good things, it happened by accident. As a matter of fact, if you click on the image and look fairly carefully you can probably figure out what I was doing when I first spied it.

In one pithy line, we see the way to deliver the promised land of mass adoption of a widget. It’s not enough for the widget maker to be all-powerful: Google Buzz lived only briefly, and Microsoft’s own instant messaging platform is a perennial also-ran. No, the way to make something popular is to Make It Simple, Stupid.

(I debated saying, “Make It So Simple” which would have been less sophomoric, but who doesn’t love the sound of “stupid”?)

Yes, you have to be on Google+, and yes it’s entirely possible that this, too, shall pass into nothingness. But at least this time Google seems to have a plan for powering adoption of this new platform. Credit is due.