Very honored to be one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Fórum E-Commerce Brasil 2017, to be held July 25th-27th in Sao Paulo. The presentation is entitled “It’s Just Shopping”.

The conference organizers have also translated one of my recent blog posts into Portuguese:

Here is a teaser video that I created to help prospective attendees get into the groove of the presentation:

Here is a synopsis of the presentation:

How your organization refers to buying something online is an excellent indicator of how aligned they are with today’s consumer. Retailers and brands are channel-focused. Consumers aren’t. Retailers are accustomed to being in control of a shopping trip once the consumer is inside the store. Smartphones and pervasive connectivity have taken that control away. Brands have enjoyed being a step or two removed from the consumer, operating as product and/or service providers and purveyors of the “big idea” that drives consumer loyalty. Social media and the voice of other consumers have all but extinguished the brand’s voice.

Consumers don’t “do e-commerce” or “run an omnichannel”. They go shopping. E-commerce and traditional retail don’t have to be in channel conflict, because one does not block the other. Fortunately, brands and retailers have everything they need to meet the consumer head on and to not only be relevant, but to be active in the consumer journey. We will discuss how brands and retailers must work together to create the kinds of retail experiences that consumers look for, and we will show examples of what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to have a dialog about what you are looking to get from the presentation, or if you have some specific topics to discuss please reach out to me directly. I look forward to meeting you in Brazil!