What is Future Shopping


Future Shopping is a runway, where ideas about innovation and excellence in online commerce, marketing, and human behaviors in the digital world take off. And where they land.

The name is from a column in Ecommerce Brasil magazine written for marketers and e-commerce practitioners of all levels. The column is the result of fairly extensive experience helping companies of all types navigate the very rapid changes happening to all players in the world of retail, brand marketing, product development, payments, merchandising, supply chain, and management.

Future Shopping offers articles and columns that may have appeared in other publications and are re-run with permission, as well as posts that live only here. Going farther back, I have been a guest blogger for iMedia Connection and has published articles in AdAge Digital, Mobile Commerce Daily, and Mobile Marketer magazines.

Who is Tony Long
For my entire career I have worked at the intersection of marketing and technology. As an early proponent of the value of interactivity for businesses, I have had the opportunity to partner with and support countless marketing groups and corporate I.T. departments, helping to define their respective needs and finding ways not just for peaceful coexistence, but for profitable partnership.

My background includes extensive work in marketing, mobile/digital transformation, and e-commerce at and for leading CPG/FMCG companies, SaaS-based service providers, and category leaders in consumer finance, transportation, sporting goods, media, fashion/apparel, and luxury goods.

For the past few years I have been fortunate to be invited to deliver keynote addresses on digital marketing and the transformation in consumer behavior brought on by mobile and e-commerce. My presentations break free from the standard PowerPoint style to bring forth a higher degree of audience engagement. Audience sizes range from the dozens to the thousands, with locations that have included Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and across the US.

Please contact me for further details about my work or keynote presentations.