Very honored to be one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Global E-Commerce Summit, to be held in Barcelona, Spain June 12 – 14. 2017. The presentation is entitled, “It’s Just Shopping” and here is a teaser video that I put together to help prospective attendees get into the groove of the presentation:

Here is a synopsis of the presentation:

The challenge: Consumers increasingly blend digital commerce (e-commerce and m-commerce) into their shopping habits, and they are doing it at an ever-increasing pace. While retailers have in-place e-commerce and CRM systems designed to address this, neither retailers nor brands are moving at the speed of the consumer.

The response: Kimberly-Clark partnered with to onboard a third-party retargeting capability to reach out to consumers who visited but didn’t transact. This capability leverages machine learning and resulted in >8x ROI on ad spend, significant lift in overall revenues for the consumer as well as for the brand, and the capturing of new consumers who hadn’t engaged with the retailer in the past.

Above all, this case study points to the new kind of relationship between the retailer and the brand and the consumer that is needed in today’s lighting-speed digital-powered commerce environment.

If you want to have a dialog about what you are looking to get from the presentation, or if you have some specific topics to discuss please reach out to me directly. I look forward to meeting you in Barcelona!