Navigating a city – no matter which city you live in – is all about having well-established routes that you take because you know them. Getting one’s self out of those ruts is tough. This mobile web site built by Dan Phiffer really nails it.

Introducing Bike or Train.

Again thanks to the always on-it Kat Egan for raising my awareness of a great tool that helps you find which is closer, a bike rental scheme or the subway. It taps an unofficial CitiBike NYC API, so Dan warned in a tweet that it might break, but it has everything we should strive for in a mobile web offering:

  • Location-aware
  • Dead simple
  • Highly useful
  • Problem solver
  • Rut breaker

Add a social sharing component to this and then you have truly “mass” transit. Truly well done, Mr. Phiffer.