It starts with a simple set of instructions next to what looks like a tight grid: Tear the cloth with your mouse. Right-click and drag to cut the cloth. Reduce physics_accuracy if it’s laggy, increase it for a better effect. User interaction just got a lot more real.

@Philgomes sent me this link to check out, and the implications are huge:

  • The “easing” that communicates the natural physics of partially anchored objects is working quite well using just javascript in an HTML5 environment.
  • Allowing a user to impact these physical qualities through a simple interface is really simple; just build a form that changes a value in the Javascript, and you’re done!
  • It’s super light-weight, perfect for mobile.

This is brought to all of us by some dude named Adam, who can be found here, here and here. As soon as I am able I will suss out who he really is to deliver proper props.

In the meantime, well done, sir!