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Physics In The Browser

It starts with a simple set of instructions next to what looks like a tight grid: Tear the cloth with your mouse. Right-click and drag to cut the cloth. Reduce physics_accuracy if it’s laggy, increase it for a better effect. User interaction just got a lot more real.

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Mobile Web vs. Mobile App

The world is a big, diverse place where more than 1.7 million species of animals, plants and algae exist, all subject to the same cycle of extinction and evolution that has been taking place over millions of years.

It is with this in mind that we briefly explore the various factors that go into pursuing either a mobile Web strategy or a mobile application strategy.
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Using HTML5 to Decorate Your Home

…or, How Rapid Prototyping Can Prevent Backache

It’s the beginning of the month. The couple stands in their empty living room, expectant. The movers have finally arrived with their furniture.In a sort of lumbering choreography, two guys bring in a sofa. One turns his head to the couple and raises an eyebrow. “Put it against that wall,” says the wife.

They do, and there’s a pause. The husband says, pointing to the opposite wall, “Sorry, if you don’t mind, could you put it over there instead?”
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