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The Technology of Gossip

…or, Baby Boomers And The Delicate Art of Screen-To-Screen Contact

There sat I, in the hospital outpatient surgery waiting room, waiting. A muted TV playing a cartoon was mounted to one wall. Against the opposite wall 2 desktop PCs were idly screen-saving away, also waiting.

After a while two chatty voices broke the sterile silence. Into view strode the owners of those voices: A man and woman, each in their late 50’s or early 60’s. They crossed the room plotting to buy tickets to see REO Speedwagon (yes, really), making a beeline for the two computers.

Without skipping a syllable they bypassed the computers, sat, and each produced a smartphone. Within minutes a message notification “plang!” rang out from the woman’s phone, while the man excitedly pointed to his screen and mentions a friend’s recent Facebook update. Relentlessly they yammered on about each other’s Facebook friends, volleying their phones to show pictures or read postings, cross-engaging in the mobile online world the way only teenagers do.

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