…or, I’m Taking Back My Spotify Account From My Kids…

There’s just no way for this to not offend someone, so here we go:

Just take a look at my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. It’s RUINED! And I know the culprit. Actually, it’s culprits: my twin toddlers.

That’s them. In order for me to avoid having to hear Wheels On The Bus over and over again endlessly I “cleverly” turned them onto Culture Club. They fell in love with Karma Chameleon and Miss Me Blind. So we started listening to them. One then the next then back. Over and over again. They even know how to make Alexa play it.

The problem is, Alexa is connected to my Spotify account. And because I wasn’t really using Spotify much on my own (while prepping for a live or recording gig I tend to focus my listening on music for the project, and for the past few weeks I’ve been prepping for both a live and a recording gig), Spotify’s AI now thinks I am a – how do I say this? – very different kind of musical enthusiast than I really am.

George, Boy et al

When machine learning is left to do its thing, it does its thing. It doesn’t yet know to say, “Wait a minute, this constant repetition of the same 2 songs is probably an anomaly.” It doesn’t think to send me a message saying, “Hey, your Discover Weekly playlist is going to get throttled by 2 specific songs from the 1980’s…want us to ignore Boy George & company?”

At some point, AI will become less about clever repetition and more about being a considerate wing man. Until then, I’m on a mission to listen to only cool music on Spotify. And when my kids plead that they want to hear “Karma Karma” I tell them to sing Wheels On The Bus…but quietly to themselves.