…they dream of electric sheepskin jackets…right? No, seriously, this is intensely interesting.

When we are able to apply data mining to visuals, we are able to get somewhere that becomes meaningful to humans. Not humanity, just people who might care about the subject matter at-hand.

Our friends from the Digital Humanities department at Yale hit on something:

[The head of] Digital Humanities Research, Peter Leonard was looking for already-digitized, substantial sets of text and images that might spark interesting digital humanities projects. Lindsay King, an arts librarian interested in fashion, suggested the Vogue Archive, launched by ProQuest and Condé Nast in 2011 — and Vogue became the world’s most glamorous dataset.

Models, apparel, and scholarly pursuits…BOOM!

This is a site worth visiting and re-visiting often, as their insights can be applied to many disciplines including heuristics, advertising analytics, and general UX/UI studies.

Dig it.