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For the past few years I have been fortunate to be invited to some pretty remarkable gatherings to share experiences, research, and new thinking on digital marketing and the transformation in consumer behavior brought on by mobile and e-commerce.

The format of these events have been live and virtual, as keynote addresses, in panels, as a part of a closed corporate gathering, and as a small-group workshop. Audience sizes range from the dozens to the thousands, with locations that have included Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and across the US.

My presentations break free from the standard PowerPoint style to bring forth a higher degree of audience engagement. They are generally created bespoke around current or leading-edge topics.

“Tony is a force! He speaks with passion and insight. When he delivers his own thought leadership from the stage he challenges conventional thinking and makes his audiences examine what they do day to day. He is a truly great thinker and speaker in the e-commerce space.”

Ryf Quail
IMEDIA Managing Director,
Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia
Example of a promotional video I make on request to serve as a teaser for an upcoming conference
Forum E-Commerce Brasil 2017 keynote address (excerpt)

Past Topics

Data Is the New Merchandising

B2B x B2C = B2P

Buy Any Means Necessary

It’s Just Shopping

Blockchain’s Role in E-commerce

The Future of Commerce

The Great Consumer Diaspora

The world of the virtual conference is upon us

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