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Because words give people the room to think

In every conversation with a marketing practitioner or a member of a company’s senior leadership, the same theme echoes: There’s so much information to take in, at such a pace, that it’s hard to be able to put it all together into a coherent set of actions to be taken.

The foundation of Future Shopping is a set of regular but not-too-frequent dispatches in a few diverse places. The goal is to provide enough to digest, in a timely way, but with some space for thinking. And questions are always welcome.

Interviewed by Heming Bjørnå for US Commercial Service Europe at Global E-Commerce Summit, Barcelona

“Having Tony’s texts published in our print and online magazine, with free access, is a unique opportunity for learning and reflection for our readers. Without access to knowledge that can be applied, no e-commerce evolves in a profitable way. Through his columns published in our print and online magazine, he is an educational mentor who helps us foster the development of Brazilian e-commerce. His very high level of content always generates, in each edition, great conversations on WhatsApp between groups of executives from retail and from industry.”

VIVIANNE VILELA, Director of Content – E-Commerce Brasil

Print Publications

  • Articles and posts have been created by invitation and as reprints for a wide variety of print and online publications.
  • Columns from previous Future Shopping editions as well as new thinking has been published on the platform since 2018. You can dive into that content here.
  • Since 2018, Tony has been a regular columnist for E-commerce Brasil Magazine, the leading print business publication in the country, with the eponymous “Future Shopping” column. You can review the latest editions here (em portugues).

Email Newsletter

  • In 2019 a newsletter through was published on a limited basis, available mainly to business contacts and other associated folks.
  • Starting in 2021 the newsletter is being revamped and offered more widely, with a new editorial calendar and broader focus to encompass the mobile sides of e-commerce and consumer engagement. You can check it out here.

Digital Whitepapers